Taipei 2014 Days 19 and 20: Typhoon Matmo

I had the early class yesterday so I didn’t get breakfast. I went to class… new teacher again… I’m getting good at telling my story. During our ten minute break, I took 20 to chat with J at the Desk and then get a breakfast burrito to go, as they had sold out of 蘿蔔糕。 I scarfed it down in the hallway and then apologized to the teacher, telling her they deserved longer breaks.

After class I waited for the next class to let out, and then joined them for some sushi across the street. We each shelled out about $10 USD and the sushi was good. We were a little 隨便 (sloppy? reckless?) with our ordering and got a few two many of the greatest hits. The issue was 1 order = 2 pieces. Rookie mistake. We ate well though and I was satisfied that the eurofabulous guys were more painstaking in researching their order, but ended up getting some rookie sushi. Like the tamago in the case that looked like a snorefest.

Pashan T and I walked around behind 公館 and hung out in Pica Pica for a while, studying. That’s about when Typhoon Matmo started raining on Taipei. When Pashan T left I sent him with the umbrella, because it’s a shame to show up all soaked. I was about to leave too, but then I thought better of it when the rain seemed to quintuple before my eyes. I went back inside and got another iced tea.

About half an hour later, there was a break in the rain, and I made my way back home. At 7pm I went downstairs and bought another umbrella. Then Pashan T showed up and we got pizza at So Free, an outdoor pizza counter with a wood-fire oven. I got Mushroom Asparagus and Pashan T got Banana Almond. Banana Almond pizza was delicious; there was no extra sweetness or sauce beside the banana slices, and somehow the cheese tied it together. Mushroom Asparagus was great too.

Afterward we stopped for a beer at Something Ales in my building. It was a recommendation from Aussie L. The owner was sitting on the patio having a cigarette, but came in to serve us and start working when we showed up. We split a bottle of Elysian Brewery’s Savant IPA, and I could not stop being excited about Seattle ales. I didn’t even know they bottled it; but of course in Seattle I never have to open a bottle of beer.

The owner was a cool guy to talk to, just as Aussie L had reported. He poured us water and some snappy local peanuts that are JUST BETTER than American peanuts. The bottle was 300塊 and worth it.

When I got back to my 6th floor apartment, the typhoon started howling and the rain sounded like a firehose. The building itself seems rock solid, but the windows shook a little in the wind, a wind that went from howling to screaming.

It’s now 9:45 am the next day. Oven Coffee shop opened, so I’m getting breakfast now. Iced coffee and a bacon egg bagel. There’s a lady in here with a 蛋餅 to go, so not everything closed. The gusts are strong now, and people are gasping. I’ve got a load of laundry in the wash; I fear most of it will have to machine tumble dry, as my shower porch is a drippy mess.

Anyway, the best part about breakfast today was that when I sat down, the radio started playing “Blue Skies” (Frank Weiss). I’m sure I’m the only one that knows.

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