Right Now at the Grammercy Cafe

20140727-110357-39837380.jpgI tried to go study at Picnic or PicaPica cafes in 公館 Gongguan, but they hadn’t opened yet. I didn’t want to go back to Benny’s because I knew it would be crammed full of brunchies so instead I found a brunch place.

It’s call the Grammercy Cafe and there’s a big sunny atrium and a big spacious dining room with high ceilings. You serve yourself water and silverware. They’re playing country music. There’s nothing but Taiwanese people in here eating their fussy brunches.

When the lady sat me, she handed me a menu that was all in Chinese, tiny tiny font, plus the order form which had tinier font, and then a pen. And then she walked away. What this means is that I am 100% dependent on my reading comprehension skills.

I find my 冰美式咖啡 iced americano and get that out of the way. Check. I can read that.

Then I find the section that’s 早午餐 something something; I’m pretty sure those characters together mean “brunch.” The prices also seem to suggest they are a fussy brunch.

There are only a few bunch options, but I don’t recognize anything. I start reading the titles, and my eyes rest on 班尼 [ban-ni] which means nothing to me, but I can see that there’s ham and eggs in the description, and it’s only 280塊 (USD $9.35) which is expensive to Taiwanese people but cheapy cheap to me, so I find it on the check list and mark it off. Check.

Here’s what came to the table:


Eggs benedict. 班尼 “ban-ni” was probably the start of the transliteration of “benetict” which I might have read if I hadn’t given up. The eggs were perfectly poached the old fashioned way; none of those UFO shaped electric poacher eggs. The yolks were cooked but nice and runny, a deep orange color. Each egg rested on a slice of canadian bacon atop an un-toasted English muffin. There was also just the right amount of hash browns, a fruit salad which consisted of cut guava, cut bananas, and little grape tomatoes. To top it all off there was this thick creme in a jar topped off with some caramel syrup (which I poured off). Oh, almost forgot; little pieces of boneless fried chicken. Little pieces of boneless fried chicken are totally a breakfast item here. Not kidding.

My super tall iced coffee was included, of course.

As I look around I can see people are eating thick waffles with a fruity ice cream sunday on the side; also some thick french toasts and some dinery-y egg-and-hashbrown numbers.

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