Taipei 2014 Day 25

So yesterday I went to class and talked my face off as usual.

After class there was lunch at the chirashi-teria; I got karaage. Pashan T did a random point on the menu and got grilled saba, which made both me and 喬丹 envious.

Later for dinner, 喬丹and I met Swiss T and Polish P and found the cantonese bbq place across from the public library. Later we went for a drink at the Speakeasy in Xinyi, which is an expat bar. Swiss T couldn’t join us, but 喬丹, Polish P and I held down the bar for a while. Speakeasy H and Philly C were working, and there were all kinds of characters, including Polish D and Polish C, Taiwan S (who did coaster tricks) and Taiwan J (who shook his head at her).

Later Pashan T wandered in, and then Taiwan Amy, and German G with German S, and about then all hell broke loose. The Polish boys wanted to make Mad Dogs, but had to settle for Prairie Fires. I managed to sustain a crazy conversation in German with Polish P; later German G started doing play by play of a situation we were viewing through a frosted window, followed by some color commentary and analysis by Taiwan S, whose sense of humor is deadpan and wicked. Earlier she had held court as she described all the ways that she hated pandas personally. People started trading eyeglasses, and singing Queen. Some people asked me how to toast in Tagalog, and by the end of the night everyone was toasting “Lasing!”

Of course I left the party early; got in a cab and talked my face off with the cabbie. Not sure what all he was talking about.

1 thought on “Taipei 2014 Day 25

  1. This post was fascinating…which is frustrating to me on a number of different levels. Let me instead focus on being happy for you in your language learning and expatting joy. Live it up!


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