Taipei 2014 Day 29: Last Day

Last night I went to dinner alone, since a lot of my friends have already skipped town. I felt lazy so I stayed in the area, and went to the 蛋包飯 joint around the corner. It was easily the worst meal I’ve had in Taipei. All it was was a plan omelet over rice, and then covered it ketchup gravy, accompanied by a shake & bake pork chop. I have to say, that was worse than Joe’s Time

This morning I got up and called Eva Air to see if I was still on the “Waiting List” for a mileage upgrade to Elite Class. I’m on the waiting list because they’re still waiting to see if someone will pay money for that seat. If not, they’ll let me have it. So it could go down to the last second. I hope I get it!

I had plans to meet Taiwan A 🐟 at 1pm, so at 9:30 I went and had breakfast. All the breakfast counters were closed; the owner guy warned me yesterday 《明天休息!》so I said goodbye and thanked him for all the breakfasts. This morning I ended up at Benny’s, ordered the weird brunch, and said goodbye to Shy Kid, who told me to come back soon and find him. I didn’t say goodbye to any of the rest of the gang there, but I still may go back later.

Then I came home and packed my bags. Everything fits.

After that I met Taiwan A 🐟 for dim sum, and we ate our faces off. I gifted her my receipts (there’s a national drawing at the end of the month) and some coupons and loyalty cards I had started, and a bag of Oberto’s Natural Style Beef Jerky, which I had brought for the plane ride over.

When lunch was over, I took the train to Guting and walked the rest of the way. I have a couple hours to kill before dinner, and then there’s still plenty of time to get to the bus station, then to the airport, and then get on my flight. It’s about seven and a half hours until I’m wheels up.

This is probably my last post from Taiwan. I think I had an even better time this time around than last time, and I’m grateful for all the new friends I’ve made and for all the old friends I was able to reconnect with. I didn’t get around to seeing everyone, which is a little disappointing, but I’ll catch them the next time around.

Next summer? Maybe come back, live in a different city. Or maybe go to the Philippines or Brazil. I could stand a summer in France or Italy for a refresher. I’ve still never been to South America. We shall see… Until then, thank you Taiwan!

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