It’s Not Writer’s Block

So I haven’t done a journal blog in a week, and I haven’t done a language learning blog in weeks and weeks.

Now that I’m back in Seattle the journal blogs are going to happen less, but I do have a bunch of language learning posts in the pipeline. I have a few that I started writing a few weeks ago, but I didn’t like the direction they were going. Too negative. It was a turn off. So those posts are on hold until I can find a positive voice.

As for my exciting daily adventures… let’s face it; staycation adventures are a bore. I don’t have anything to report except for online shopping and irregular sleep patterns. My goal when I woke up this morning was to buy a milder shampoo, that didn’t dry out my skin.

(I spent all of July in Taipei, where sweat my face off several times a day, used a random shampoo that I bought at the drugstore there, and took up to four showers a day just to cope with the heat. Now I’m back in Seattle, not sweating, down to one shower a day, and my scalp and face are all dry and I blame America).

So what have I been up to in the week that I’ve been back in Seattle? Well, I’ve been reading from my growing collection of Chinese short stories on PDF, trying to get all my quizzes for next year written, drinking oolong tea from my new yixing teapot…

Probably the most interesting thing that I’ve been doing, the thing that’s most affecting my social life, is my current plan to readjust to Pacific Standard Time. I’m currently following a program that’s called “Take Two Weeks Off,” also known as COMPLETE UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER TO THE CRUEL WHIMSEY OF JETLAG. I know it’s bad but it feels so, so right.

I wake up around 7 am every day, feeling bright and refreshed. I eat a big breakfast, go out for coffee, and then a late lunch, usually something light. By 6 pm I’m exhausted and I’m sawing logs by 7 pm. Then, in the middle of the night, I wake up and make myself dinner. At first, I was waking up at 12 am, but last night I didn’t get up until 3:30 am, so that’s progress. At about 5pm, I shut off my computer and go back to bed, and then wake up at 7 am again the next day, feeling bright and refreshed.

The one area of jetlag resistance that I’m maintaining is sunshine: a) I walk in the sunshine every day, and b) I don’t close the drapes to darken my room when I go to bed way before sundown. Please congratulate me.

I report back to work in seven days from tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll write a language learning post that’s not filled with hatred and bitterness. Light and life, people; that’s what we’re after… light and life.

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