Touch Screen Styli: a product endorsement

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I’ve been using a stylus with my iPad a LOT over the last couple of years.  A LOT.  More than most people.  Here’s my recommendation.  

The kind with the little plastic disk is AWESOME until it breaks after a couple of weeks.  

Any kind with a rubber tip (a.) is AWESOME until the rubber rubs down a little and starts sticking to the screen in the middle of the 漢字 character you’re trying to write.  

I’ve been using the 5 inch micro-fiber mesh tip (b.) for the past two years, and the tip is awesome, but the pocket clip dug into my hand.  Still, it was better than writing 漢字 characters with my fingers.  

Earlier this week I saw on amazon that the micro-fiber tip was available in a 7.3-inch model (c.) and I ordered it so fast my head was spinning.  Today I waited on my front porch with sandwiches and tearfully hugged the delivery person when he finally showed up.  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating.  

But I have been geeking out over it for the last few hours.  Order a 3-pack of silver ones for $7.77 from AmazonPrime.  The other color options are more expensive.  

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