New Year 2015

Happy New Year!

I’m blogging from a high-rise hotel room in Vancouver BC. I drove up to see Amber, who is doing great! Yesterday after checking in to the hotel I walked to Coal Harbour for some sushi and then met Amber for a drive and a walk in Stanley Park. It was a spectacular sunset; Amber casually knows all the sea birds; we casually spotted a heron, no big whoop.

After that it was dinner with the family and a long chat in the living room, as if we were grown ups. Amber taught me how to pronounce “Robeson Street.” Sister L and brother-in-law D are super gracious, and their kids are charming.

Then it was a freezing walk with Lisandro Montenegro (a Mexican pseudonym) through downtown Vancouver and Gastown. We blew off the places with velvet ropes and cover charges, because guh. So we ended up at The Pub 340, which had a hard rock cover band whose median age looked to be 50. I played pinball. I got a lesson in Canadian coins, and another lesson in CanCon, the “Canadian content requirement” that says radio stations here have to play a minimum of 30% Canadian content. Later there was a walk down Granville Street, and a street hot dog.

Eventually we ended up Hastings Warehouse, which seemed to have:

In other words, it was the perfect bar.

Fast forward to this morning, New Year’s Day 2015. I’m holed up in my room because everything is closed in downtown Vancouver. Hard closed: signs on the doors say “will reopen January 5th.” It’s too cold out to walk around anyway.

Here’s the part where I talk about 2015.

In 2015, I’m going to get back to writing music. I don’t care about performing or recording as much; it’s the writing that I need to do.

In 2015, I’m going to spend the summer in Manila and focus on learning Tagalog. Yes, I’ll still work on Mandarin. Korean was my recreation language in 2014, and I still have a huge crush on it, but this year my recreational language will be German.

I have more goals this year; financial and health targets, but who cares about those.














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