I must be out of town

Dear readers, all 3 of you!

I apologize for not blogging lately. I would blog every day if I had the time, but unfortunately my teaching contract keeps me busy. If you see me writing up a new post, it must mean I’m out of town.

So I’m out of town today, I’m in San Diego, California for an educational technology conference. My students back home are watching educational films, and are filling out worksheets so that they are academically responsible for the content of the films.

I flew down yesterday after school, wearing my new Russell Wilson jersey. I usually don’t wear corporate logos or another man’s name, but Russell Wilson’s #3 gets me priority boarding on all Alaska Air flights out of Seatac. How was priority boarding? It was exquisite. The plane ride it self was a little bumpy the whole way down.

I spent most of the day attending talks at the conference, some of them have been pretty… pretty long. I’m getting a lot of good ideas about how I can do more work. Some of the presenters are not very strong in terms of outlining their theses or sticking to a road map. However, a box lunch was provided.

What else can I tell you about my life nowadays? I’m studying German on the weekends, reading short stories every night. The Frenchies are here on exchange; they’ve been here a week and are staying one week more. I now know my way around San Diego’s Gaslamp district. Later there will be steak, Mexican food, and maybe more Mexican food.

I do miss blogging… not that my life is more interesting than others, but it’s a nice mental exercise. A friend of mine once found out I kept a blog and asked WHY?! in a really gross way; not because he wanted to know why, but because he wanted to let me know that he thought it was worthless. Oh well, I’m not really doing it for other people. Also, the title of the blog…

I do want to be better about posting my thoughts on language learning.

Later if there’s time I’ll post more about my summer plans. If you’re still reading, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.









3 thoughts on “I must be out of town

  1. Can I be your number 4 J.P.? I like how you discovered that ideas from a conference can translate into more work. I was one year at a conference in SD too. Go to see SeaWorld or the USS Midway. And yes, eat Mexican food – that’s really good there.


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