In The Past Three Weeks

The last time I posted on this blog, I was in Hawaii, attending my Cowsin L’s wedding.  I wish I had had more time to blog, because there’s be a lot since then.  

Kauai was amazing, and the best part of it was meeting local people and eating local food.  My sister feels island anxiety there, disconnected from the world.  Me, I have no anxiety there.  I imagine myself living there and eating hot rice and poke with kimchi-style cucumbers every day for the rest of my life.  As an Asian American who grew up in the Lower 48, the Local Hawaiian culture is very seductive.  Even though I know I’m an outsider, I felt like we were getting local treatment. I loved it there.  Also, I have always loved Hawaiian Pidgin English.

Back in Seattle now, and the big news is that I’ve accepted a job offer at a company in Los Angeles, and I’ll be moving there later this year.  It’s an exciting opportunity and I be more forthcoming about the details when I get there.  There’s still a lot of time and space between now and the start of my new job.  

Moving to LA means leaving Seattle, and leaving my teaching job.  Last night was my last graduation ceremony as a faculty member.  It was also my last graduation party and after-party faculty karaoke apocalypse.  I will definitely miss that tradition; I hope they carry it on without me this time around!  Since I’m saying my goodbyes to my colleagues, the yearbook moderator was kind enough to find me a copy of the yearbook, and I’ve been having people sign it.  So far people have been writing very heartfelt and moving messages; for some reason, I had expected more clowning!  

There are 10 days left in the school year, so there are grades and exams and final projects and all manner of professional responsibilities still to fulfill.  Since it’s my last school year there, I’ll have a desk to clean out, and my classroom… I have a lot of funn stuff in there to consider; maybe I shall leave that stuff to the next Chinese/Spanish teacher.  

Today I met with my real estate agent, to plan Operation Move The Heck Out.  I hope my townhouse sells fast!  After that, it will be summer break–my last summer break!  and there will be big adventures in Manila before starting my new career in LA.  

Recent vocabulary:  畢業典禮,在年鑑裡留言,鵬程萬里。

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