Another New Beginning’s End

Ladies and Gentlemen, last night I graded my last stack of finals.  Today I stopped for pastries at the Columbia City Bakery before going in to work.  At work, I put my grades to bed, collected my personal belongings in a box… turned in my keys and key card… and drove away.

In many ways it was the dream job, the job I had always wanted for a long time.  I had a parking space, my own cool classroom with a million dollar view, a nice office shared with a great department, a key to the faculty washroom, a decent lunch only a couple of floors below.

When they told me I would be teaching five preps, I choked on my tongue a little, but signed the contract, as I had no other alternative. Well, folks, I’m happy to say I have fulfilled and survived the five prep club!  And I have another gig lined up for the fall.

My students and coworkers have been so gracious in these last few weeks, although there have been some attempted guilt trips, which I find entertaining.  There are a few gift cards, which I think I will attempt to spend tonight, since… since I have no papers to grade.

A week from now I’ll be in Seoul; the following day I’ll be in Manila.  I can’t wait to start writing more posts.  Stay tuned!

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