A Tropical Virus

Just a couple days ago I started a descent into madness called Decolgen, which I bought at the pharmacy for about a dollar.  I feel like it did stem the post nasal drip temporarily but it also gave me some crazy anxiety ridden dreams.  In these dreams I was stressing about the homesale and about Tagalog grammar; I thought if only I could just square away the future tense I’d be ok, then I could concentrate on the causative and potential moods.  

I coudn’t control my body temperature.  I found myself wrapped in bed in the middle of the day, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but also I had a hoodie on backwards, wearing it like a snuggy.  Plus a top sheet over that.  My upper body was cold and my legs and feet were too hot.  It was a moderately psychotic cocoon.  I had the a/c on low, but I was tired of getting up to adjust it when it got too hot or too cold in my room, so… so I opened the door of my room and turned on BOTH air conditioners in the condo unit, and that’s how I achieved an even temperature.  BY RUNNING TWO A/Cs AT ONCE.  As if I, myself, were trying to undermine the planetary environment personally.  

Somehow, I was able to get to sleep, and when I woke up my mind stopped racing like circus monkeys on meth.  But my back was sore and the sinus pressure was crazy pants and I was just not in a good place.  I thought, I’m going to die up here.  I’m going to die in a cocoon with a hoodie on backwards like a snuggy.  

I forced myself to get dressed and walk two blocks for coffee.  That was a success on most counts; I got the coffee, I drank it upright in a chair, like a civilized person.  I used a fork and knife to eat my chicken pastel empanada.  

I noticed that the sun was bright and strong, but I didn’t feel that hot.  When I got back up to the condo unit, where the air is still, I felt sticky, so I showered off and then asked siri what the temperature was:  86 F, hot.  Siri said it was hot.  Me, I didn’t feel that hot.  Did something happen to my body chemistry in that cocoon? 

My back was so sore I texted my cousin, and asked her to take me to her massage place.  She texted back that she was rescuing me, that I would stay the night with the family.  I am not one to disobey my cousin.  

So thankfully I was rescued last night, and I had dinner with them and slept in the guest room.  One thing:  I didn’t feel hot.  

This morning I rolled out of bed and had breakfast with the family.  I noticed that I was about to sweat through my shitt and I felt sticky and disgusting.  I mentioned to my cousin that I was sweating, and she said “Because it’s hot!”  It was a surprise to me because I didn’t feel hot.  Something happened to me in that cocoon.  The virus, it adapted me.  

Today my cousin took me to the massage place, and I actually felt cold.  Not enough to say anything.  It’s nice to feel cold sometimes.  The massage was great by the way, very competent and not bastos.  

Now I’m back at the condo unit in Makati, feeling a million times better than 48 hours ago.  One thing is different though, I have the a/c on low fan, set to 28 C, which is 82 F, and I keep thinking I should just turn it off.  

I feel good now, ready to start this vacation again.  Thank God for my cousin who rescued me, and her family and especially the little one who played ball with me and introduced me to Peppa Pig, Robocar Poli, something about monster trucks, not sure what it’s called…. as well as the evil shows: spongebob square pants had an itchy contagious fungal infection; and Hi-5 which by all accounts seems to be pure evil.  

One thing, though, I came out of that cocoon different.  That tropical virus changed me somehow. 

Or maybe I’l be back to feeling heat again tomorrow, who knows.  Tomorrow’s post will be about a pizza I ate in 1983 near Shoemart. 

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