Rough News Day

There’s other news, besides my news today, but it’s not mine to share.  Some close friends of mine have had the worst day of their lives, and it’s going to be rough for them for a while.  I hope and pray they can recover, and keep it together.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, I’m slugging through my Learn Tagalog Summer 2015.  

My home sale has gone through.  I am now not a home owner.  More specifically, I am not a debt-owner.  I’m actually almost in a position now to clear the slate.  I will take a selfie when I’m debt free.  Then I will start looking at hybrid cars.  

Last night I had dinner with Cris and Jovett from Kalyespeak, my podcast idols. We ate at Romulo Café.  We ordered pako salad, lengua, crispy crablets, laing, and relyenong manok.  They didn’t have the baby pusit.  Too bad!  Anyway, the food was spectacular and the place was nice and I like those guys.  

Today I met Cris again, this time at his office at the Confucious Institute.  He gave me the grand tour, introduced me in Chinese, and used a word for “private tutor” that I didn’t know.  He was also kind enough to let me use the internet, so I could cancel my light and gas services in Seattle.  Since that’s not my house anymore.  

Not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of the day.  My laundry won’t be ready until tomorrow morning (grr) and my lesson isn’t until 5:30pm (it’s 2pm now).  I could get a haircut, or shop for a shirt for my niece’s debut.  Or I might just hop in an Über and end up at Quiapo or the Mall of Asia.  I wonder if there’s anyplace here where you don’t hear traffic; that’s actually where I’d like to go.  

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