Chizza and Altered Slacks

Ok, quick journal.  I’m on the 5th Floor of the SM Megamall at Ortigas Center in Mandalyuong in Metro Manila.  I’m alone at a Starbucks that’s nestled between the IMAX Theater and a Director’s Club Cinema.  In front of me is a Pinkberry, another ice cream shop, and an ice skating rink.  The barista just asked the two English tourists “for here?” instead of “dine in po?”  There is ambient music piped in and it’s crazy pants loud.  

Yesterday I übered over to Green Hills, because it’s a famous mall I haven’t been to yet.  There are a lot of mass and department stores here, and they are half filled with restaurants.  Green Hills is interesting because they designed it to be confusing and a little chaotic, rather than the rest of the malls gleaming white spaces as if you were in a space ship.  I didn’t find much there, except for a Shakey’s Pizza and a Starbucks where I could get my caffeine fix and plug in devices.  I was officially there to look for something to wear for my nieces debut, her 18th birthday party/cotillion which has a black and white dress code theme.  

I übered over to the SM Megamall and found a black outfit; shoes, slacks, and shoes.  The slacks I had hemmed which cost $1.50 USD and they were finished in an hour.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to wait for them, so I cabbed back for my lesson.  

Before my lesson, I stopped for a snack, but there were 4 restaurants in a row that were closed during the dinner hour.  Ina-ayos ang gas, said the guard; they’re fixing the gas.  So I went to the KFC next to the Starbucks where I had my lesson and ordered the damn chizza; the chicken pizza.  It’s piece of chicken that they flatten into a small circle, chicken fry, and then top with pizza sauce, cheese and some toppings, I don’t know.  It was fine, some food on top of food that doesn’t usually go together.  People shouldn’t freak out about the idea.  They SHOULD, however, freak out about cheap ass pizza toppings and gross KFC fried chicken.  It was gross and I wish I could un-eat it.    

At my lesson we talked about American politics, weather and storm systems, plate techtonics, and a little bit about the weekend.  The lesson is the best part of my day.  

For real dinner, I walked across Yakal street, right across from tower two.  There are two restaurants, the fancy H-Cuisine, and a blank looking place with the name 五點半.  I saw a white dude in 五點半 but couldn’t see what people were eating, so I went to H-Cuisine instead, where I got stewed beef belly, fried baby yukon golds, and frenched veggies.  It was good, I’ll go back!  

So this morning I’m back at SM Megamall.  I’ve picked up my pants and later I’ll go downstairs to try a Chinese place my cousin recommended.  

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