Final Days in Singapore

I woke up yesterday in Singapore. I had an errand for Cousin Ate D that I was grumpy about doing but it seemed easy enough; she wanted some vitamins from a specific store, which was at a mall near my hotel. When I got to the mall, I asked around for the store, and finally I found out that the store had moved to a different mall.  Forget it, I said!  This mission for vitamins is over! But then I realized the store’s new location was on my way back to the hotel, so I begrudgingly decided to continue.  The information lady told me to take a bus, which was silly because it was so close.  But I took the bus anyway, just as part of the advenutre.  Of course taking the bus in Singapore is clean, beautiful, easy, and rule-driven. I took some mall photos along the way.  Here’s dtf, which is bs. And here’s a 肉骨茶 place. For some reason the word “bakuteh” does not stay in my head, so I’m always asking people what they’re talking about.  Then they try to explain it, and I say oh, you mean 肉骨茶, why didn’t you just say so!  It’s kind of a difficult concept to explain succinctly.  Well, “pork rib broth” would do it. My first lunch was a boneless chicken rice, and it was delicious. My second lunch was an oyster fry, which put me over the edge.  It was oily and I had to take a nap afterward.        fruit stand! Apparently the hotel has a 4th floor terrace as well.     After my nap, I decided to subway to Little India for 3rd lunch, but at the last moment I took the train to Harbourfront Centre instead. There in a food court I found some crazy brown rice set meal which was too big, but still cheap.  The best part was the stuffed tofu in broth.  Later when I passed the stall, the owner asked me very sincerely if I had enjoyed it.     After that I saw signs that said “cable car” so I followed them and rode it.  If there are cable cars to ride, I ride them. It’s a rule.          Later that night I met up with JJ again, also MS, 明 , and French J.  We went to the opening of Red Banks, then to a  62nd floor rooftop bar with a spectacular view but they couldn’t make me a martini.  Finally we went to a hawker centre downtown, the Telok Ayer Market, known as Lau Pa Sat.  We got satays from stall #6.  It was amazing and my hands were too dirty for photos. Also, I want you all to know, there’s a point when the weather is so hot and humid that it’s gross to touch the screen of your phone.  The phone itself feels hot and sticky and it just goes back into my pocket, and forget looking things up or communicating.

Anyway, after Lao Pa Sat JJ and I got some drinks on a rooftop on Club Street.  There should be more rooftop bars in Seattle.  And in my life.

The next morning I saw Cousin D off in a cab and then planned the rest of my morning in Singapore.  I actually found myself buying a duffel bag for the flight home.  It made packing and flying a little easier, but I was annoyed at having to check a bag still.  Jetstar Asia has a ceiling of 7kg for a carry on, which is the weight of one of my shoes.  Guh. I managed the duffel bag situation, and then met JJ for lunch.  We got the “carrot cake” which is a daikon fry/omelette, some of that pansit that everyone talks about, some veggies and some spinach mee.  Afterward, we had some coffee and said goodbye, and JJ was kind enough to pose for a selfie, even choosing the background ! Then I got in a cab to the airport and was out of there.      

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