I keep coming back to Manila….

On the jetway, for the flight back to Manila.

Another balikbayan selfie.

Uber is easily the best way to get around in Metro Manila.  It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s CASHLESS.  The 1 hour aiport ride to go 10 miles in heavy traffic was about USD $15.  

I went for an ilocano combo plate last night before going to bed.

This morning I got in a cab to go to Market Market!  which is kind of like a mall + market + Singaporean-style hawker center in the Bonifacio Global City, which is Manila’s attempt at creating a clean, modern, orderly city.  However, that lofty aspiration does not stop somebody from selling me a longsilog breakfast without any sinagnag.  They should call it the long-hmph-log breakfast.  Hmph. 

There is a store in the mall called “Maldita.”  Rough translation:  the damn girl.  Damn her!

I bought some liempo just so I could get a side order of lato, this seaweed with bulbs, that tastes like salmon roe.


Later:  my niece’s big birthday party!

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