Time Flies 

Time flies when I’m hanging out with my mama!  

I wanted to hurry up and find an apartment in Glendale so I could get my move done and be settled when I start my new job.  But when I ffound the apartment on the 13th, they told me my move-in date wasn’t until the 19th…  What was I supposed to do for six days?  

Of course, I bolted for my mama’s house; I called her from the road and told her to get the guest room ready for me!  

So the drive from LA to Vegas… everyone says it’s 5 hours, but you can do it in 4.  There’s always someone who said they did it in 2.5, but they are just desperate for a high five.  I feel like I did it in six hours, and most of that time was spent on an LA freeway.  It was exhausting.  I stopped for coffee in Barstow, and then a pitstop in Baker.  The Mojave Desert is hot, dry… and boring.  

Finally I made it to Vegas.  There were isolated thunderstorms, and a flash flood warning.  I was just glad to be here.  

So adventures with my mama include Korean food, grocery shopping, Northern Chinese food, mousing in the garden, shoe shopping, bingo, video poker, slot machines, Mexican groceries, Salvadoran food, Mexican food, bad seafood buffet.  

Tonight’s my last night in Vegas; tomorrow I’m heading back to Glendale early, so I can sign some lease papers in the morning, and be ready when the move-in madness starts Thursday morning.  

I’ll be back in Vegas again soon enough .


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