Not Exactly Riveting

So I’ve moved into my new apartment in Glendale, California; two blocks from the Los Angeles city line.  I got the keys to my new rental apartment last week, and my place is now livable.  There are still plenty of boxes lying around… I’ll get to ’em!  

Los Angeles is only the third biggest town I’ve lived in permanently, not counting summer study.  So far I would say that LA reminds me most of Manila:  hot, built to the scale of cars, and isolating.  Going anywhere is a long drive.  

Isolating?  Yes.  For example, apparently there’s a heat wave going on outside, but I wouldn’t know!  Because my apartment has central a/c; my car stays cool in the garage; when I do drive the car, there is a/c, and any destination is invariably freezing.  

Anyway, it’s a little baffling, but my sister says I’m going to like it here, so I may be doomed to like it here.  I had planned to keep up my vacation pace of blogging all my daily adventures, but now that I have cable TV I feel like my days are better spent sifting through the channels.  I’ll be glad when the new job starts next week.  

Here are my successes and failures over the last week.  


  • Found the Korean and Filipino supermarkets
  • Saw the Hollywood sign in the wild
  • Bought a new couch and bed
  • Made pork adobo in my new kitchen 
  • Found coffee beans with a rosted-on date

Still to do:  

  • Buying a doorstop 
  • Eat Armenian food
  • Meet a neighbor
  • Buy a bus pass

I feel like I have minor adventures every day, but they are not especially riveting:  a pickup vs. cop car collision; some credit card fraud.  

Probably the most blogable saga that I experienced was my quest for proper fresh-roasted coffee beans. That was a story in three acts:  Act One:  No Roasted-On Date?  Act Two: No Sales At The Rosterie.  Act Three:  Seattle To The Rescue.  There’s even a sequel:  The Bad Haircut.  

See?  Not exactly riveting.     




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