LA is fun.  I’m having fun.  

I’ve been having a lot of adventures in the last few weeks; started my new job, caught up with old friends, bought some clothes, eaten in some cool restaurants.  

T was in town all last week, we ate at a place called Recess, which was good.  We also ate at Lola’s Peruvian, which is called Lola’s because the wife is pinay.  We also ate at a crab boil type restaurant which wasn’t the worst thing I had eaten, and the server seemed genuinely embarrassed that we were there looking for fresh seafood.  


Ok, the new job.  I didn’t talk too much about it at the beginning of the summer because I really wanted to concentrate on being on vacation, my best, longest, and last big summer vacation.  I think some folks were expecting some big juicy public relations announcment about my new job as a celebrity Spanish teacher, but alas, I doubt there will be any fireworks.  Just a well-paying, stable job, and an adventure on the LA city line.  

So the new job is at Age of Learning, the company that brings you  I’ve been hired as a Language Curriculum Specialist, and if all goes right I’ll be developing media for learning Spanish and Chinese. Hopes are high.  

Ok, let me tell you about last weekend, before I forget it all.  

On Friday night, I got off work and had nothing to do.  I found a karaoke meetup in Northridge online, so I drove out there and found NOTHING, I waited for half an hour and no karaoke.  Boo. 

The next day I did some morning clothes shopping, and then met my friend M from grad school.  We had lunch at TKF, an Armenian-run Georgian restaurant that specializes in khinkali.  Super fun, and was great to see M again after 18 years.  

After that I drove out to Highland Park to meet LA P, a friend from Shanghai.  We caught up over drinks in a bar, and it was about then that I forgot that I had ever been a teacher.  

My next stop was at United Bread and Pastry, to pick up something for a BBQ at A’s.  I called the lady “tita,” and she called me “hijo” and I picked out a mocha cake, which was either going to be American-birthday-cake sweet; or Chinese-sweet, which means it’s sweetened by the eater’s memory of sweetness.  Which is to say, not sweet.  

I got it to A’s beautiful house in Laurel Canyon.  A had billed it as a summer BBQ, but it was really a dinner party, complete with cocktails, and mahi mahi tacos.  It turned out that the mocha cake was totally not sweet, which is exactly how I like it, but some people found it shocking.  

The next morning I met Amber, L, and J at Square One, in Silverlake near the Scientologist’s skyblue compound.  We hung around in Silverlake for a while, and then later Amber and I hung out in Downtown LA, and had Mexican seafood at the Grand Central Market.  After that we went to Koreatown and found a really good stewed fish, and an amazing foot massage place.  The place itself wasn’t that charming, but the quality of the massage was as good or better than our spot in Shanghai.  Of course we talked in Chinese the whole time and learned a lot from our chatty massage guys.  They were really pretty expert.  

Later that night I met D at the Brass Monkey, and she introduced me to all  the Regulars.  I imagine I’ll be spending a lot of time at the Brass Monkey.  

LA was lonely for a while, but now it’s fun.  I’m having fun.  

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