A Typical Day in LA

7:00 am.  Wake up to rice cooker playing its “rice is ready” song.  Also, phone alarm goes off, playing “Levels” by Nick Jonas.  Get up and get cleaned up for work, listening to KPCC.  When I’m done in the bathroom, I wipe down the chrome fixtures, so I don’t get water spots.  

7:45 am.  Make breakfast.  Usually it’s sinangag–fried rice– a couple pieces of pork adobo that I warm on the cast iron next to the rice.  A fried egg from the farmers market, because if you spend money on anything, it should be fresh eggs.  Sliced tomato, coffee.  

8:15 am.  Breakfast is done. Do the dishes and leave them to dry.  Wipe down the counters and the chrome faucet.  Sit and look at facebook and sip my coffee.  

8:30 am.  Not time to leave yet.  Now what?  Sweep the entire apartment.  

8:45 am.  Finally time to walk to work.  I’m listening to KPCC on my headphones.  

9:00 am.  Walk past the yellow Mexican restaurant.  

9:10 am.  Cross Colorado Avenue.  

9:20 am.  Roll into work 10 minutes early.  It was 1.6 miles.  

9:30 am.  Start working.  

11:00 am.  Haimaiketako: snack on a handfull of almonds.  

12:00 pm.  Office yoga.  Not kidding.  Three of us do it, sometimes four.  Sometimes it’s just me, but I don’t skip it.  

1:00 pm.  Lunch with the Rookie Lunch Club.  Today we had sushi.  On Thursdays there’s a steet market; buy cheese from the Italian cheese guy; fruits and veggies if I have cash leftover.  

2:00 pm. Back to work. 

4:00 pm.  Four-o’clock fruit.  Today it was an apple.  

5:00 pm.  Afternoon office yoga.  

6:30 pm.  Start the walk back home. Get lazy and hop on a bus. 

7:00 pm.  Arrive at home, get ready to go out.  

Monday night:  meet friends in Koreatown

Tuesday night:  ukulele club

Wednesday night:  karaoke league in Culver City.  

Thursday and Friday:  chill at home.  

11:00 pm:  sleepy time.  

This is my new life.  

Tuesday night:  

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