Life in LA without Papers to Grade

So last weekend after work I drove to Las Vegas.  It’s not that fun of a drive in the dark, but it was cool to see the waning moon low over the Mojave desert, looking like it was going to fall onto the valley floor.  I got in to Vegas around 11pm and my mama greeted me in the driveway.  

The next day we picked my sister up at the airport and had some family adventures.  The best was my birthday lunch; we ate at a Mexican seafood place and got a big parillada, plus a “molcajete loco” on the side, which was mixed seafood in aguachile, plus some oysters.  After that I was back on the road through the desert.  There was a big backup through Primm. 

On Tuesday night after work I picked up my sister at LAX.  It was too late and I was too tired to go out much, but there was a minor grocery store adventure.  

While my sister was here visiting we went out to karaoke league in Culver City, got Korean fried chicken in Koreatown, had oysters at Grand Central Market and tacos at Guisados DTLA with T.  

While I was saving the table, an Indian American kid fell down onto the ground and laid out flat on his back with his head resting on my shoe.  His friends gathered around him and asked him if he wanted them to call 911.  They sat him up and brought him water.  He wanted to stand but I had them sit him in a seat at my table.  I asked, “Has this happened before?  Are you seeing spots?”  His friend told me, “He just had a very spicy taco.”  I’m not sure if she was sincere of if she thought I was an idiot… but it seemed odd to us that something woudl be too spicy for and Indian kid.  I told him, “Go get ice cream.”  And he said “No, I don’t need ice cream right now; what I need is to walk.”  

What kind of weirdo would rather walk than have ice cream?  

Then they left and T and H came and then we all had tacos.  After that I took my sister to the airport for her Philippine adventure.  

Today was my first day alone in a long time.  I woke up without much to do and no specific agenda.  I turn on the TV and watched a little for a few minutes; the first time I’d looked at my own TV in almost a couple of weeks.  There was nothing on.  

So I followed a recommendation from a coworker to go to the Bagel Broker on Beverly; had myself a lox bagel on corn rye, and got 3 poppy seeds in a bag.  I saw that the “Original Farmer’s Market” was nearby, so I checked it out.  I ended up spending some money at the deli.  

I went back to Koreatown today for a foot massage, which turned out to be an hour-long Chinese conversation as well.  Right now I’m trying to stay up to see Amy Shumer on SNL, but I might go to bed instead. 

Tomorrow I’ll go to the morning farmer’s market; later I’ll play ukulele and maybe read a book.  I don’t know.  Life is so different without papers to grade.  

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