Still Early

Here are the things I’ve done this weekend:  

  • Help my friend C move from Baldwin Village to Boyle Heights, lunch at BCD Tofu
  • Send my credit card information to so crossfitters and tell them to help themselves to the membership dues every month. 
  • Do my laundry, clean the entire apartment, sweep.  
  • Make poke for the week with M from grad school, after a trip to the Fish King.  We made albacore, ahi, and hamachi. 
  • Organize my Von’s Monopoly game, with the help of M. 

Next weekend I’m hanging out with the gang on Dockweiler State Beach and then going to meet JG in San Diego , maybe go to Mexico, who knows.  

I haven’t been blogging lately, which feels wrong to me, as I have plenty of time and ideas to blog about.  I just don’t feel as energized to sit and write anymore like I did, which is bad because becoming an famous author is my retirement Plan A.  So I gotta work on that…

Maybe I’m too distracted by the weather here.  I’ve got doors and windows open, a breeze going, and my fridge is full of poke. I’ll go out later to buy coffee beans.  

I don’t want to say too much about Crossfit because I’m not great at it, and everytime I go I think, “I’m finally going to hate it this time.”  But I don’t.  So I’ll just say this: I think I’m not the worst at rowing.  

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