Christmas Break 2018

After proctoring the last final exam I took my friend to the airport, got my act together, and hit the road for Los Angeles.  I showed up for M&F’s annual tamalada, which was a fun time, and I stayed the night there.  The next day I drove to Las Vegas on the 15, which was a seven hour trip due to traffic.  I stopped in Barstow for a late lunch, and by the time I got to Baker it was dark.

I spent a few days in Las Vegas with the folks, which was fine; I wish I had blogged at least once because I’ve forgotten a lot of it already. We made a whole steamed fish, and pansit, and I lumpia-fried some of the leftover pansit.  My mama and I go grocery shopping recreationally, and found out that the junction between I-95 and I-15 is open and pretty smooth now. We went to my parents’ friends place on Christmas Eve for dinner. They had Filipino catering but none of it was pescatarian friendly so I didn’t eat much.

I flew to Seattle on Christmas Day, and I’ve been here for three sleeps already, and have been having dreams that are banana-pancakes; probably due to caffeine. I think the rain is amnesia inducing effect because it feels like I never left; it’s nice to be here, but nice in a comfortable way, not an ecstatic way. My sister and I have been planning adventures, but mostly it’s been cooking food and rainy days; so it just feels like home.

I have a few projects to complete while I’m here, so I might spend some of the rainy days in coffee shops just like this; blogging and grading papers.

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