Note to Self: Manage the Blues

tenorDear future self,

You’ve had the blues before and you’ll probably have them again. Usually, you forget what to do as you start to feel sad, and the logic and focus that you usually count on starts turning in circles like a dog chasing its own tail. Here’s a list of things you can do to break that exhausting cycle. Think of it as your Sad Day Emergency Kit.

  • Go to the beach. I have no idea why this works, I’m just glad it does.
  • Music. Listen to it, write it, practice it, perform it. Probably the only good thing about getting the blues is that sad songs feel so good.
  • Amigos. Look, getting rescued by your closest friends seems great until they get sick of it doing it; then you feel much, much worse, and you’re back to chasing your own tail. Try to hold it together and don’t be afraid to tell everyone about the blues. Cherish the ones who stick around, and take you to karaoke.
  • Chop your hair off. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often.
  • Start over. Quit your job, move away. See the world. You’ll learn new things and become more interesting, and feel relieved about coming home.
  • Learn a language. Remember when you decided to learn Chinese? You were driving up Rainier Avenue, saw a red hen, and decided that it meant that you were going to study in China. That actually panned out, and is still paying off.
  • Exercise. This is preventative; not a short term solution. Sorry.

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