One Last Adventure

Due to the end of the school year, this is probably the California adventure with R before we leave the desert and go in different directions. We had breakfast at our local breakfast place and then hit the road for Olivera Street. We weren’t sure where to park so we parked near the cathedral and then took a tour.

I love the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve been there after four years. I love everything about it; the weight and color of the stone, the light, the catedra, and the tapestries of the procession of saints.

From there we walked down to Olivera Street, and I tried on a guayabera (“¿Dónde hay las guayaberas de manga larga para los gordos?”), and decided it looked dumpy on me. I asked the lady, “hay que llevar una camisa al interior ¿verdad? Es que no quiero que nadie me vea la panza…” the lady chuckled and I guy walking by said, “when you find that kind of shirt, let me know, I want one too” he said, patting his belly.

Then we walked to Grand Central Market; I had a falafel, R got some some carnitas. After that we rode the funicular up the hill and walked back to the car, passing the Broad, the MOCA, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Disney Concert Hall. I want to see those places later on a solo adventure, maybe in June once everyone has left town.

From there, we drove to Santa Monica, walked on the pier, and then sat on the beach for a while.  There was frozen yogurt and then on to Venice Beach, where we had a mediocre dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We were planning on walking on the boardwalk, but my ankle was inexplicably bruised and swollen, and I had a blister on my other foot…. so we ended up driving to Caffè Vita, and picking up a bag of coffee beans.

Drove back to the desert and back to respective apartments. God willing there will be more amigo adventures down the road sometimes, but this was the last one we could fit in the calendar for this year, and I’m grateful for it. Tomorrow will be a grading day.

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