Things Are Going To Be Different

Here’s how I hope my life goes when I move back to Seattle.  Hopefully when I check in on this post after a year, I will have checked off all these boxes.

  • Workout every morning, 5 days a week.
  • Take the bus to work and back every day, unless I need the car for something important.
  • Weekend adventures. Not just relaxing: actual adventures. Hope I find amigos aventureros.  This means I have to plan all my classes and clear my grading folder by the time I go home on Fridays.
  • Check in regularly with my far-away friends.
  • Have a close-knit circle of non-work friends.  Non-work friends can be people from work, as long as they don’t talk about students, or toxic people at work.
  • Attend Deaf events, like the weekly ASL Meetup at Appassionato
  • Sell soaps.
  • Figure out a guest-room situation, so friends can come visit.
  • Have a paperless home, and a plastic-minimum life.
  • Put money in my retirement and savings. When I retire I want to be able to travel at will, and still spoil my nieces and nephews.
  • Learn something new; maybe woodworking or ceramics.
  • It might be nice to have a podcast again.

3 thoughts on “Things Are Going To Be Different

  1. Here’s a couple more ideas for your list — things which can be combined! Such as: Appreciate nature every day (this could be combined with going for a run before work, or an after-work walk; pray every day and meditate on one verse from the Bible (combine likewise with the above — you can get a lot done on the bus!); follow a reading program like those suggested by the library and maybe join a book discussion group (maybe) or attend other library events. One more item for your Seattle do list: Don’t be too hard on yourself! What doesn’t get done today, try again tomorrow.


  2. Nice! Even if you only check off a couple, its a complete win. Im a big fan of lists and goals, you do so more in life than just sitting on the couch or working.


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