Paper Chain

My boy Philly J told me I could make a paper chain to count down the days until I’m done at work. It’s fun to tear off a link at the end of the day.

Friday after school, I was going to catch a matinée, but I ended up getting something to eat instead. There was a get together at a friend’s house, and I searched my soul, and I realized I wanted to make lumpia for my friends.  I only make lumpia for people who are already my friends, that’s the rule. No lumpia in exchange for friendship. I don’t make it to impress people. Anyway, these are all banana, I didn’t make any pork.  

My friend R needed a ride, and it sounded like it meant a lot to him, so I agreed. I wondered what was up, and my barber and I came up with some theories. He promised me frozen yogurt and breakfast in return, which is nice but if your boy needs a ride, you give him a ride, regardless of frozen yogurt or breakfast.

Anyway, it was a fun time, I was glad to see everyone blow off some steam.

I got up early the next day and drove to Riverside, had a bagel and blogged a little bit. After that I met my friends at the championship baseball game, which my school won. Then there was lunch at Min’s Dumpling, a veggie run at 99 Ranch, and then a stop at Daiso with MK and T/M.

Later I bought a cool aloha shirt for prom that night, a really classy one, and then drove back to the desert.  Unfortunately the dry cleaner was closed, so I couldn’t get my dress pants, so instead I wore my pinstripe suit to prom.

This morning I went and got breakfast solo, and saw a big rainbow in the sky. After I took the picture, the rainbow got stronger of course. Then MK and T/M picked me up and we went to meet J, E, and little E, and caravanned out to Salvation Mountain. We explored a little bit, then went to the International Banana Museum, which was closed. We went on to the North Shore Marina and Yacht Club, just to smell the Salton Sea.  It smelled like somebody opened a bag of dried squid.

For lunch we stopped at Mariscos El Capitán in Coachella and ate way too much food. After that, there was time for a nap, and then choir practice.

Some movies I’m thinking about seeing this week:

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