Cover to Cover

Monday. Morning workout: a lot of deadlifts. I spent the day in my classroom grading papers. In the evening I had a massage.

Tuesday.  I went into the office early, put my gradebook to bed, and then boxed up my personal belongings to move out of my classroom.  I went home for lunch and a nap, and afterward, went back onto to move my boxes out.  R texted that he would help the next day, but I rounded up some help (ES) and just backed my Prius up to my classroom door and loaded the few boxes into the car.  R gets credit for having offered to help, but in the end I got it done without him.

When I got home, I found that my copy of Amber Scorah’s Leaving the Witness; Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life had arrived. Amber is a dear friend for over a decade, and I’m so proud of her for telling this story.  I will have my thoughts and reflections on the book in a later post. For now, it seems like Amber is on a media blitz promoting the book, with interviews on NPR, CBC, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, etc.  In addition, she published another opinion piece in the New York Times, and the NYT Book Review is coming out on Sunday.  She also mentioned something about People Magazine… her publicist has really made things happen.

I read the book from cover to cover.  I started around 5pm, and finished it before midnight.  I only took two breaks; one to make fried rice for dinner, and the other because R wanted to meet me for frozen yogurt.

Wednesday. I felt too sore to go to the morning workout, so I skipped it (big mistake, I’m more sore today). I met R and went to help him move his bed, which he gifted to a coworker. We delivered it, and the three of us had lunch at El Mirasol, which was better than I remembered it. I went home afterward, tidied my kitchen while watching Tidying Up with Mari Kondo.  For dinner I drove to La Quinta to meet R and L&ES for dinner at the Grill on Main. There was some sorbet later, and a quiet drink.

Thursday. I skipped the workout again today, because I was too excited for Amigo Day Encore. I picked up R and we googled for a beach that didn’t have a lot of traffic.  We ended up in Oceanside. We went to the farmer’s market, walked the fishing pier, and napped on the beach (it was cloudy) for a couple hours until it was time for lunch. We went to Maan’s Mediterranean Grill for lunch and then found a Yogurtland before going to Carlsbad beach for a couple of hours. After that we drove back over he mountains, making a pitstop at Cahuilla Casino.  While in the casino, the power blinked off and all the casino machines rebooted, which means we didn’t play any slots, just continued back to the desert. We stopped and took a couple of pictures at the vista point, noticing a fire near my house.

I dropped off R at his place and then came back to my own; watched some more episodes of KonMari and ate spaghetti.

Tomorrow:  who knows. Maybe I’ll write about Amber’s book. In the evening there might be frozen yogurt. Early Saturday morning, R will bring back the air mattress I loaned him, and he drives away for good.

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