JP’s Essential Spots in Seattle

This post is part of my JP’s Spots in Seattle series.

These are my essential spots; the spots that are so important but that don’t fit into other categories. If you have comments or suggestions, please use the comments section below.

  • Columbia City Bakery. The best bread, the best croissants. Quality of life
  • Espresso Vivace My favorite espresso in Seattle. When I lived in California, I bought beans here and kept them in my freezer.  
  • Square Knot Diner I go here for breakfast a lot.  It’s 24 hours. 
  • Grand Central Bakery makes this list mostly for the breakfast biscuit and raspberry freezer jam.  
  • Tacos Chukis This place used to be a Capitol Hill secret, but now there are several locations, one is on Beacon around the corner from Beacon Station in the Plaza de la Raza. When white Californians who live in North Seattle or the Eastside weep about no Mexican food in Seattle I show them a picture and they lose their minds.  
  • El Asadero The Taco Bus. This was my neighborhood taquería for years, so I have many stories. When I was living in China, shared this picture of my tacos de pollo, and the Mexicans wept.  
  • MacPherson’s Fruit & Produce When my mama comes to visit, this is her favorite place. I warn her not to buy too much so we can come back the next day, but she always buys enough for the week and then we’re stuck in the house for a week, eating fresh fruit and produce that my mama makes.  I mean it’s delicious, but I don’t like to be stuck in the house. So just buy for today and the next day, don’t buy for the whole week.  
  • Mutual Fish Everybody in the community buys from this place; the Asians, the Latinos, the African Americans, all the immigrants; it feels good. White folks buy fish here too, and my favorite story about them is the dude that told his wife he could eat three, maybe four…. My sister and I assumed he was saying three or four dozen, and we understood why the lady was so impressed!  Turned out he could only eat four individual oysters. High fives, dude.  
  • Uwajimaya has kick ass seafood as well as vegetables. 
  • Daiso, multiple locations. Everything is a dollar fifty unless otherwise marked. It’s all Japanese, so it’s designed to be convenient, and to spark joy. If you’ve never been, you’re probably underestimating how clutch this place is.

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