JP’s Japanese Spots in Seattle

This post is part of my JP’s Spots in Seattle series. These are my favorite Japanese spots. If you have comments or suggestions, please use the comments section below.

Japanese food is probably my favorite cuisine; they seem to be the most uptight about serving their food to their own liking.  

  • Tsukushinbo has no sign; they took the sign down to paint years ago and never put it back up. Dad is in the kitchen, mom is the cashier; the daughter is the server and the son is the sushi chef. On Fridays, mom makes ramen, and when it’s out, it’s out. If you’re eating sushi, sit at the sushi bar. It’s in the historic Nihonmachi. This is a birthday-level restaurant.  
  • Musashi’s is where my cousin, my sister, and I learned to eat sushi. My cousin wondered if they put crack in the rice, and there was a time when we’d be annoyed by nigiris that weren’t made by Mitsuko-san, who signed a lot. The special bento is a spectacular deal, as is the sushi combo. 
  • Tengu Sushi is a kaiten-zushi spot in Thornton Place, and the quality is higher than other conveyor belt places. There are some things that I don’t like (Raw wild salmon? Near-extinct blue fin tuna?) but also a bunch of yummy fish that I don’t see elsewhere, like herring and sardines. 
  • Issian, a stone-grill izakaya. This was my favorite place in all of Seattle for a while, and a birthday-level restaurant. 
  • Samurai Noodles They are uptight about ramen and seating! One time I was eating and some Chinese people asked me to move tables while I was eating so they could sit together; the server scolded them and apologized to me!  I love it. 
  • Ramen Man on NE 45th.  It’s chicken based broth, in the Kumamoto style.  
  • Fort Saint George in the ID. Curry and other japanese plates, with a full bar.  
  • Cutting Board in Georgetown. They have sushi, curry, and bento. 

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