Stormy Weather

I’m back in the 206 nowadays, teaching Spanish at an archdiocesan high school in North Seattle. For the moment I’m crashing in my sister and brother-in-law’s guest room in the Admiral district, but I’ll have my own pad in before too long; probably in North Seattle.  I’m coming to terms with it.

The new school is a funny place for me. All the professional stuff is super cool; they seem to be “on it” in every way.  My own job as a Spanish teacher is a new challenge; all my lessons are planned for the whole year down to the minute; not by me. In fact, it’s a challenge to me to understand the lesson plans and to make them happen effectively and on time. So far I’m a little inconsistent; I’ll keep at it.

The funny might be me; I miss working for the Jesuits. The other day after lunch it took me a second to realize the Examen wasn’t going to come on. I was told that Friday lunch is always grilled cheese; I think that’s a year-round meatless Friday. Last week at happy hour, my new co-workers were commenting that we’d get fired if we exercised our right to marriage equality. The Jesuits at Brebeuf in Indianapolis chose to lose their charter from the bishop rather than to fire an employee who chose to get married. Firing people because of a monogamous commitment doesn’t seem like the Good News to me.

So yup, I work for the bishop now. We’ll see what the new guy does. The one that just left testified before the state legislature in 2013 that marriage equality would be the end of all civilization. After him, they rolled out a nun in a habit, who said the old ADAM AND STEVE line to the state legislature; it was so embarrassing. We’re all supposed to hate gay people because of a stupid bigoted rhyme.

I’ve been going to a drum circle on Tuesday nights; bought my own djembe. It’s kind of an embarrassing one; super high pitched, super synthetic. In ukulele news, I’m working on “If I Only Had a Brain,” “I will Survive,” and “I Only Have Eyes For You.”  I heard that someone at a nearby school that I used to work for is already sick with the flu, so I went out and got the flu shot already; I think the shots have allowed me to sit out the last two flu seasons, and I’m trying to keep that streak alive.

I went to dinner with J last Saturday night; we went to Señor Moose in Ballard. I think that’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle.  Afterward, I drove home in an epic thunderstorm, the kind that never happens here.  The lightning was blinding and relentless; the rain was coming down so hard that it was scary to drive… for Seattlites!  There was water standing on the Admiral Way exit on the West Seattle Freeway. I guess I made it home from the desert.

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