November Holiday

I’m currently in Las Vegas. It’s our Thanksgiving break, and I flew down with H and K on Tuesday night after school.  There was a grand plan to join the airline catering demonstration and enjoy the airport lounge, but alas it was not to be. I was happy to settle for spicy mac and cheese.

I showed up to the flight wearing my #3 Wilson jersey, and rather than leave it to chance this time I asked the gate agents if they were going to call for priority boarding for jerseys. The man at the counter said yes, you just have to listen for it. Oh, maybe that’s my problem, I haven’t been listening hard enough to get priority boarding.  Well, they boarded priority boarding, first class, and when they called to seat group A, I told them I didn’t hear for the call for jerseys. The woman at the jetway said, oh, yes, that’s in group B!  So I stood aside, and she called group B, and a bunch of group B people stepped into line.  I was like, wtf, so I stepped into line, and after checking a few people in, she called for people wearing jerseys to board. I was definitely the only person in the entire airport wearing the jersey, which is maddening given Russel Wilson’s march towards the MVP this year. Anyway, getting called in the middle of group B doesn’t feel like “priority boarding.”

Whatever. We rented a Chevy Malibu and drove to my folks’s house. The next morning, I was feeling sick, which is annoying because I had just gotten over something. I stayed in bed as my family enjoyed such family traditions as casino bingo and chicken wings.

The following day was Thanksgiving Day, which is my favorite holiday, but seems frought now that we know that the “Pilgrims ❤ Natives, Kumbayah” fiction is a rather cruel decades-long whitewash of the atrocities committed by the Separatists against the Pequot tribe. So now, especially that I don’t eat turkey or sugar anymore, it made sense to decolonize my celebration. I made pansit and mustard greens for the feast, as well as mashed potatoes and stuffing.

Mama made her apple pie, sweetened with ripe bananas and persimmons rather than sugar. I think next year there will be mushroom gravy, and potage.

We spent most of “black friday” hanging out at the house; I took another afternoon nap while K and H met friends and hung out in town. Later that night we shopped at the outlet mall; I bought a sweater for work. I had planned to buy nothing to protest capitalism, but in my defense it was 70% off.

Today is our last day in Vegas, we fly home tonight. I’ll be back again for the Christmas holiday, but my sister and brother-in-law will be visiting his family in New York.

Happy Holidays, everyone; hope 2020 is more fun and prosperous for all of us.

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