Simbang Gabi 2019

I gave the homily at the 12:00 mass today. I had been asked to prepare it a week ago… which I did! But after hearing Fr. Mumba’s homily I felt pretty stupid about what I had written, basically some random observations about prophecy and a bunch of jokes about Filipino soap operas.

Lucky for me I was able to get it together, print it off, find my barong tagalog, and get to the church with 10 minutes to spare. The way I just described it makes it sounds like I was in control, but I was basically in crisis mode.

Here’s the homily I ended up giving.

It was a really cool Simbang Gabi celebration, the group really did a good job. I think they said that lunch was catered by Fou Lee; I had the chop suey (there was sitaw in it!) and a veggie lumpia. Actually the best thing I ate was white rice, which is not that big of a deal but I haven’t eaten white rice in months!

So I saw a lot of old friends today, and a lot of people introduced themselves. Also I love the music at that 12:00 mass, it’s the Shades of Praise choir that I used to sing with 20 years ago, and they sang some songs I had forgotten but apparently were engraved into my memory with lasers. Also, they sang “How Excellent” at communion, which is a song that we sang at Baccalaureate Mass back at XCP, and was considered very special… at St. T’s it’s a communion song, and everybody sings along on their way up to receive. There’s no place like home.

I’m currently at the airport, waiting for my flight to Vegas to visit my folks. In the luggage check area I ran into a colleague from O’Dea, who I used to teach with back in 1998.

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