The New Decade

It’s been 166 days since I left California and moved back to Seattle. I miss my friends, and I miss spicy Mexican food, but on the whole I’m glad to be back.

I love Christmas break. The only thing I love more than Christmas break is summer break. I spent Christmas in Vegas with my folks; five days of family time. We only went out once, to go to bingo. I got back to Seattle in time for New Year’s Adam. I stayed up on New Year’s Eve to watch some Space Needle fireworks on TV, but the fireworks were called off due to high winds, so it was just a Space Needle Light Show. They should have a light show at the Space Needle every night, like they do the Eiffel Tower, Taipei 101, even changing the colors like the Empire State Building.

What else? A surprise phone call from R, lunch with B, dinner with J, The Rise of Skywalker, the Mandalorian Season 1. This morning I got up early and took K to work, which means I had a free morning downtown… so I went to breakfast at the Athenian. Might try a different spot tomorrow.

Some bad news: Australia is burning, and this country just assassinated an Iranian general at the Bagdad airport… with a drone of course.  What a mess; I hope this impeached president gets removed, and his followers swept out of power.

I have 166 days left in the school year, and then I will probably get my own apartment.  I want to either be near my sister, or near a train station, or near work.  I have a lot of time to figure it out.


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