The Snow Monster of 2020

At this time last week we were all trembling at the coming of the Snow Monster; she came and went and the details are already fuzzy in my memory. On Sunday, it started to smell like snow, and the prophets told us to prepare. Supermarkets were quickly cleared of yellow onions, russet potatoes, and bananas, as townsfolk rushed to fortify themselves with the traditional snow panic meal of fried banana hash (extra onions, please!) By midnight, the snow had started sticking to the ground.

I woke up the next day to find that the Snow Monster’s first pass was a teaser; by mid morning her wrath had melted away, and my school declared the roads safe enough to have classes two hours late. The other school, the one I used to work for, they had the day off, but I’m not mad or anything… That night I had an eye appointment. they dilated my eyes, and I tried to wait out the effects at a conveyor belt sushi place. After I had stuffed my great distended belly with sushi, I realized my eyes had not returned to normal and that I was tired and full of sushi, so I just drove home squinting through huge halos generated by the nighttime brake lights. It was fine.

The next day, Tuesday, the Snow Monster came and dumped her crystal powder all over the place, and it was enough to cancel school for everyone. Prophets told us it was only the beginning. I spent the day doing errands around the neighborhood, and working on a Pīnyīn pronunciation YouTube course. I thought I might see a movie, but I was sure that Snow Monster would give me another day off.

I was wrong, Snow Monster didn’t really come through on Wednesday. We had a late start, My journey to work was totally safe; roads were bare and wet, and it was daytime already, so the commute was no big deal, but I actually found the late start stressful. On a regular day I teach two classes, three max; but on late start days I teach five. Snow Monster started dumping snow in North Seattle during my last two periods; snow that was small and powdery, and blowing dramatically all over my huge bank of classroom windows. The students were totally distracted, but nothing was sticking to pavement. Finally about twenty minutes before the end of day bell, the snow started sticking and visibility dropped. My students all lost their minds, and an announcement came over the loudspeaker that all after school events were cancelled and to leave the building immediately.  I emailed my choir director to tell him it might be too dangerous to go to rehearsal.

I packed my gear, locked up, and went to my car, which was covered in a few inches of snow.  I put on my gloves and brushed the accumulation off my car, and cleaned of a car full of students who seemed to be content to drive with a car full of snow; they had only cleared a part of their windshield the size of a dinner plate. Anyway, I cleaned off their car, cleaned off mine, and started driving home during the height of the Snow Monster’s tantrum.  Four miles later, the snow had cleared and the roads were bare and wet again; I went to choir rehearsal without incident.

And that’s it. Snow Monster left Seattle and went to torment other towns. We had regular class schedules Thursday and Friday, which seemed unfair.

While this was all happening, my friends MK and M/T in the desert sent a save-the-date notice for their wedding this summer; another colleague J had her baby; a son, named Santiago.

On Friday, a student asked me to watch them in the student production of one act plays, and since they asked I said yes, even though I dread high school theater. After happy hour with the teachers I returned to work to attend the show. Coincidentally, I sat in front of some friends who I hadn’t seen in 25 years. We caught up before the performance started… time is bananas.  Anyway, the one act plays were both really good; the performances were polished, prepared, and intentional; the tech crew was also very slick. I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised. I like it when the school I work for is excellent at something.

This morning I attended a choir retreat. I met some friends for dinner at Dough Zone, a newish local chain that is not bad.  Tomorrow I have a quiet day to work on my Pīnyīn program and the next day is Dr. King. I’ll sing with a choir at a mass in Dr. King’s honor at Seattle U. The rest of the week is finals week.

To summarize, I am a little disappointed that the Snow Monster didn’t turn out to be very ferocious. I had been hoping for the whole week off of school. Maybe she’ll come back and surprise us before spring break.  You never know.

Snow monster cheese plate

Late start skillet breakfast

Snow monster Mexican food

Late start breakfast. Not all eggs are perfect.

I asked for a schooner of Manny’s. But she gave me a small. Turns out they wasthey was All the beer i needed.

Kimchi and sweet potato soup made by hippies. It was super good.

The local elementary school flies the rainbow plus black and brown!

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