Cheese dip recipe; and news of the day

When I think “cheese dip” I usually think of a queso fundido; this is not a melted cheese dip. It’s more like a cheese salad.

Take some gouda cheese and shred it in a bowl. Add finely chopped red onions, or chopped green onions if your brother-in-law doesn’t handle raw onions well. Add some Worcestershire (or some Salsa Lizano if you’ve got ticos in the house) and just guess at the amount, whatever. Finally add just enough mayo to bind it up, and that’s your cheese dip; serve it on crackers.

I made some today, and surprised my brother-in-law with a bowl of it while he was watching something on Netflix. When he realized what it was, he gasped and squeed at the same time; it was a funny sound.

I first learned of this cheese dip from J the AP English teacher, who found it at the Ralph’s on Country Club in Palm Desert. Apparently she and N kept buying it and eating it and were thankful that it wasn’t always available so that they wouldn’t be constantly eating it. It was really good. I think J introduced it to me on spaghetti night.

I found this recipe and modified it because I forgot to buy all the proper ingredients and got bored of measuring. Anyway, my version hits the spot. What else is happening?

What else is happening?

  • I’ve been writing a bunch of music, and my choir at St. Therese is singing it!
  • I’ve been taking ukulele lessons, learning songs like “Hukilau” and “Paumana” and “Yeasterday” (sic) and others. The latest was “Saint Honesty.”
  • Some of my colleagues and I have been trying to find a way to keep our beloved gay colleagues from getting fired when they decide they want to get married. We’re working on it. For now the biggest obstacle we face is goons. Goons at every turn.
  • The coronavirus outbreak is starting to affect our lives here directly. Today we had a meeting about how to give distance learning classes if and when the health department closes our buildings. That’s going to be a mess.
  • Joe Biden seems to be the front runner for democratic nominee now. We’ll see.

That’s it for now. Apparently R is on his “pilgrimage;” they gave him a bus ticket and $5 and said, meet us in DC in a couple of weeks. How will he make it? Trust in the Lord, they tell him. He’ll be fine.

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