Fat Face and COVID-19

My mama saw me on FaceTime and said I looked fat. I said, “mama, i’m wearing three layers of clothes!” No, she said, it’s your FACE that’s fat.

In other news, classes are canceled for today and tomorrow. Starting on Monday, we’ll go on Digital Learning Days “snow day protocol,” where we post assignments online and students complete them at home and send them back to us. After two weeks, if we still have to stay home, we’ll go to virtual classes by video conference. I am dreading having to video conference my classes but no one ever said this job would be boring.

Schools are closing, of course, in an effort to slow the spread of the novel corona virus. It’s a little shocking to see all the events being cancelled; this afternoon the archbishop sent a video cancelled all public masses in western Washington, after the governor banned any gatherings of more than 250 and warned folks to practice social distancing.

I’m all for it, I’m tired of going to school and wondering if there is pre-symptomatic transmission, and if someone is going to take the virus home to an immunocompromised family member. It could have been sooner, but I’m glad it was today. The kids were all excited about it, and I wish more of us would be, there’s too much shock and dismay. I’m glad that we’re being part of the solution finally, instead of waiting to be part of the problem. I wish I could do more.

I also wish the federal government would do more. The president came on TV today bragging about our fast response, but what I remember from the last two weeks have been foot dragging, slow walking, blaming and recriminations, denials, and coverup. They literally seemed more concerned about their stock market portfolios than actual people dying. In his address, he called it a “foreign” virus, congratulated himself on banning travel with China, and announced a 30 day ban on Europe, blaming them for infecting us.

I can’t believe he’s bragging about his swift response. I literally heard from my school’s administration, the governor, the county and city government, the archbishop, my health provider, my dentist, my ukulele teacher, my storage unit company, my university alma mater’s athletic department, a community college I attended one summer session a couple of years ago, two airlines, a local bookstore, and two members of Congress before the president decided to address the problem, and his remedies are travel bans and tax cuts.

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