Covid-19 Isolation Diary, Day 10

The West Seattle freeway was shut down today, This is our main connection from the rest of the city. The high bridge is too dangerous to drive on. The low bridge is closed to all but first responders, transit, and freight. For now, the quickest route into the rest of Seattle is on the Water Taxi or on the 1st Avenue South Bridge, way south. The announcement was made just before 3pm, with closure scheduled for 7pm. Must be bad! The repairs will take months.

Of course, nobody’s going anywhere soon, due to Governor Inslee’s mandatory stay-at-home order. Nothing changes for the three of us, I’ve been bugging out for ten days. We had a situation where someone came to visit, delivering some supplies we needed, and then calling us two days later saying she had a cough. She hasn’t developed symptoms, thank goodness, and neither have we, so we think it’s a false alarm. However, better safe than killing dozens of people through exponentially increasing infection. I don’t want to get it, and I don’t want to give it to three people.

Finally, my school is doing a slow walk toward synchronous video classes. Luckily, we’ll be doing 45 minutes rather than the 80 minutes as originally planned, I’m not thrilled to be on camera live for that long every day, but I do like getting paid, and I would like a summer break, so I’m playing ball. My room has gone through several iterations as I’ve tried to wrap my head around teaching from inside here. Today I took down a green screen and brought in a Malm dressing table. big enough for my two laptops to be running simultaneously, plus some space for a cup of coffee. K and I have talked about upgrading our broadband handle the increased traffic.

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