Recipe: Breakfast Potatoes

I don’t know what happened to this post, it was up, it got sees and likes, and then I found it in my draft folder with no text. Weird. So no i’m writing it again and posting it. The main reason I feel the need to blog this is that I always forget the temperature.

Preheat your oven to 425º.

Cube some potatoes. Toss them in a mixing bowl with salt, pepper, spices, and oil. Paprika is a good choice; turmeric or cumin if you’re in that kind of mood. Fine garlic or onion powder would be fine as well, but I stay away from things that will burn, like dried chopped onion or garlic. Anyway, add a gloop of oil and then toss with a big spoon until everything is fully coated.

Spread onto a baking pan or cookie sheet. I use parchment paper. Spread the cubes out in one layer so that they are not touching too much and bake them for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, the potatoes are fully cooked, you can serve them. Or you can flip them and crisp them up for up to 25 minutes more, if you are looking for that crunch.

This was the recipe that I modified; I mostly just needed the oven temp and baking time. I am uneasy with that person’s position on ketchup, so I feel better about endorsing this one instead. Either way, it’s 425º for 20 min, flip, and cook more if you want.

For the record, I also bake potatoes and sockeye salmon at 425º

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