Welcome Baby Kora

My sister and brother and law welcomed their daughter Kora into the world. I like her. More about her later!

I’m looking at condos now. I prequalified for more than I expected but I probably won’t go that high. There’s also the possibility of getting a family house. We shall see.

It is day 55 of Covid 19 quarantine. I’ve been teaching online classes My family has stayed safe, thank God. My friend R caught it and recovered. I’ve sewed masks, I’ve wiped down groceries, I’ve bought my limit of hand sanitizer. I’ve baked bread and given myself a haircut. I’m currently teaching online, and even had a zoom bomber! (It was kind of disappointing; a herpes joke.) My sister and I collaborated on a haircut (it wasn’t bad) and I sang in an online choir collaboration. I learned triads on my ukulele in the various inversions, and I may have learned the fretboard… working on it anyway.

I don’t mind the quarantine; I don’t feel isolated since I’m with family. I used to wonder about how lonely I’d feel had I stayed in California, but I don’t think about that anymore.

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