Ay naku, bastos talaga.

I just finished mixing Acentos 0005:  Danny’s Got Principles; an interview with Danny, the karaoke host at the Mandarin Gate. I tried to upload it, but unfortunately it seems that I’ve hit the megabyte limit for my free podcast host site.  So I’m trying to decide if I should upgrade my podbean account, upgrade my wordpress account, or find some some other solution, preferably a free one.  Dang it.

So in lieu of the podcast, I’m posting a video related to this book, which is a book for adults done in the style of a children’s book.  It’s not, actually, a children’s book.  It’s actually quite bastos.  Plenty of people have done readings:   Samuel L. Jackson, Noni Hazlehurst, Werner Herzog, a bad Christopher Walken impersonator, Kevin Pollack as Walken… there are a bunch more, but I’m tired of posting them, find them yourself.

Ok, the posted below is a lola as she reads to her apo.  I find her accent entertaining; I would watch it even if it weren’t bastos.  Of course it is bastos, and she says as much… but she keeps reading!  Why does she keep reading when she knows it’s bastos?  Probably because she’s entertained as well….  bastos lola!

Dogs Need Sex Toys, Too (Bastos!)

Disappointing Riddle:  What did Kelly the Camel say when her cell phone bill was handed to her while she was eating a spoonful of peanut butter?
Answer:  “Hmph.”  (Don’t go back)
If you want to read about a sex toy for dogs… male dogs, of course… you better go here.
Thanks a lot, Seattlest. Bastos talaga!

Ay! Bastos Dolphin!

Maybe I shouldn’t post the video here. It’s too bastos. Maybe I should just link you to unfogged.

Totally bastos.

Filipino American Glossary: bastos

pronunciation: bas-TOS

adjective; often an exclamation

(1) – rude, disrespectful.
When you go to visit your cowsin, you better say hello to your uncle and auntie. When you do not say hello, that is very bastos.

(2) – dirty, naughty, porn
When we go to rent a video, she spends all her time in the bastos section.

You can check out all the times I used the word “bastos” now!

Colonel Angus

I love this skit. It’s bastos, but in a giggly way, not bastos in a bastos way.