Spanish Language resources

Here’s what I use:

Blogs I read:

My work:

  • Q & A Spanish – a labor of love, distributed graciously by the Radio Lingua Network.  Nayheli and I answer listener questions about Spanish.  (2011 – present)
  • SpanishPod – the highlight of my media career so far; we created slick podcasts, entertaining videos, and an engaging and supportive community.  In the end I had to leave, because I saw the company was going nowhere (and taking me with it).  But our product was good, at least!
  • spanishpod101 – I don’t have a lot of good things to say about this podcast, except that it got me the hell out of China, and I got to live in Manhattan for a year.  Fernando and I did good work under the circumstances, but I just cannot recommend the service to people learning Spanish… the academic integrity of the service before I arrived was just awful.  They’re still publishing now, and I for all I know the new people may have their act together.  The site itself, though, is a case study in irritating.  I can’t even bear to link to it.

3 thoughts on “Spanish Language resources

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    theeasiestlanguagetolearn (dot) com



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