“Ya se fue, gracias a Dios.”

So the last hurrahs are in full swing. Packing is going slowly, and I think it’s finally time to stop pretending that I’m not sad to be leaving. I’m aware that some of the goodbyes have been final ones, and there’s a lot of stuff I still regret not doing or saying.

It’s especially strange to go to the SpanishPod site and realize that’s no longer my gig; I don’t have to start conversations, chase after listener questions, or fix problems with the media downloads. For a long time, that site was my life and the team was my family. It seems a little cruel to have to say such an important goodbye with just one loud dinner and a few drinks.

So happy hour at Southern Belle was cool; a few folks followed me there from the office and we parked on the deck for a few hours. P was there from the beginning of course. Anyway, my work friends started trickling away to make their various evening plans, and as they left they were gradually replaced by J’s crew.

In the end, it was just the boys, and there was a quiet moment when we all missed J. B called him an institution, and P told us about how he had to check his texting reflex. Me, I didn’t want to say anything. I hope he finds an internet connection soon.

Anyway, soon after that we all got up to go meet the girls at Kaiba, but then we ended up joining more folks around the corner at La Dolce Vita.

Yesterday was some packing, some lunch, some shopping, and then Cotton’s happy hour, followed by dinner at Factory. I ordered some hush puppies to share and a big fried chicken salad. That’s probably the best American cuisine I’ve had in China. The space there is awesome; besides the restaurant is the lounge, a bar, and a recording studio.

Today, more packing, more lunch, maybe some more packing after that. Happy Hour might be at Abbey Road. Will stop at the "balcon" for some final farewells as well.

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