Taipei 2014 Day 21: Typhoon Day

There is not a whole lot to report about Day 21. Our classes were cancelled due to Typhoon Matmo. I spent the morning doing laundry; I already reported about breakfast in yesterday’s post.


I had a 火車便當 “Railroad Lunchbox” with a 雞排 chicken steak, at a spot across 辛亥路 Xinhai Road, that Pashan T and I walked by the other day. It was good, and it was only 80塊 (USD $2.67). There was the chicken steak, steamed potato, tofu cubes, soup, greens, half a soy sauce egg, and a seaweed bow tie.

After that there was four hours of afternoon KTV, the karaoke joint where you and your friends get your own private room. It was a blast of course. My personal favorite was Smooth Criminal, but not everyone enjoyed that song in the same way.

After KTV, we went to a Japanese ramen place next door. I had a bowl of spicy ramen.



There was a metro ride home, and then I met 喬丹 again at Something Ales for a glass of cider, which was on draft and served on the rocks. The owner bartender (note to self; find out his name soon) gave us some homework; he told us to try a certain delicious peanut. He wrote the name for us.


I woke up this morning at sunrise, as I am prone to do. The sky was crazy red from my shower porch; a red that doesn’t come through in the photo, despite the filter I put on it. Enjoy!


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