Taipei 2014 Day 12: Cockroach Attack!

So yesterday was the day I was attacked by the cockroach. It was actually a very incidental part of my day, but it seemed to get a LOT of reaction on Facebook, so I shouldn’t leave it out.

First of all, I woke up and checked Facebook to see that the Germans won the World Cup again. That game was played at 4 am here, and I couldn’t be bothered.

My room is the only room that has an outside porch, and on that porch is a shower, sink, and a spot to hang clothes. It’s actually windowed in, so there’s no danger of losing anything over the edge. I shower, brush my teeth, and hang my clothes out out there. Other rooms have TV and private toilets; me I ‘m quite happy to have the shower and the sink, and not have to use the clothes dryer.

Anyway, so a big cockroach crawled up my leg as I was toweling off. I kicked it to the floor and rinsed off. Later I double-safeguarded my room for further cockroach attack, but since my room was already clean and spare, the novel anti-cockroach measures amounted to putting my toothbrush and drinking glass inside the cupboard. That’s the end of the story, but if you look on my Facebook page, you’ll see all kinds of freaking out, offering advice, and clowning on the situation.

I didn’t have class so I took my laundry, including sheets and towels, to the washing machine in the other building. While the clothes were in the machine, I ran some errands and discovered the cafe two doors down. It seems to be a hangout for other Americans who are studying Chinese AND are fussy about coffee. It’s small, and the front door is open to Roosevelt Road, so they have the music up loud to compensate. It’s an ok spot; I’ve added it to the rotation.

I met 喬丹 for lunch; we went to my chirashi place, which is called 百八魚場,and I’m not sure why. After that I went back to my eyeglass place and ordered eyeglasses! The husband and wife remembered me from two years ago, and pulled out all the stops to help me find the right glasses. The lady was urging me to get larger frames, but I’m not ready for that step. The frames that I picked out were the same size, to the millimeter, as the ones I’m wearing now… yes, she measured. But I just can’t bring myself to getting big glasses, fashion be damned. This time I splurged for super transition lenses.

After that, I sent exploring in the 浦城街 neighborhood, and decided to try out the 路燈咖啡館. I didn’t like it there, and unfortunately I ordered a shrimp and pepperoni pizza, which was a cheesy tomatoey toaster pizza with big peeled shrimp and no pepperoni. It wasn’t bad at all but I was annoyed with myself because I ate it all despite having dinner plans.


Later I met Taiwan Amy and went to 天台食堂,and got the afternoon tea “set” which was some 湯包 (steamed soup dumplings),蘿蔔糕 (turnip cake),豆花 (super fresh soft tofu served with boiled peanuts and sweet syrup),and mochi balls (I think they’re called 麻糬)stuffed with black sesame. Hanging out with Amy was great Chinese practice; it’s always better to practice with your friends.

After that… I went home.

Today I spent the morning at Oven Cafe writing my composition, and then I went to class. After class I went back to Mix Cafe with three other 外國學生 international students in tow; the owner thanked me. And now I’m at Benny’s.

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